Miratron Inc.

Our Mission:

To improve the performance of hydraulic equipment by providing innovative electronic controls products.

Core Values

  • Responsibility - for the quality and safety of our products
  • Integrity - guides our pricing, policies, and promises
  • Excellence - shows in our products and service
  • Urgency - in acting with purpose on thoughtful decisions
  • Culture - fun, growth, effort, cooperation, improvement
  • Priorities - love people, use money, and never confuse the two

Quality Policy

Updated and approved for use by Rod Seely as of 8/23/2022

Our strategic direction is to provide quality products and to act with urgency in manufacturing.
We framework this into the following objectives:

  • Maintain high conformity of product
  • Work purposefully as resources become available
  • Improve manufacturing flexibility through training and device investment

We are committed to the satisfaction of the requirements set forth in ISO/IEC 80079-34 and ISO 9001:2015.
We are committed to the continual improvement of:

  • The quality of our products
  • The urgency in which we manufacture
  • Our processes

Quality Objectives for 2024

  • Effectively and efficiently manufacture products to the agreed specifications - 90% by QC
  • Maintain an average on time ship rate of 90% or greater